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A sincere welcome to Colets.


I was asked to summarise the “Colets” approach from the point of view of the General Manager.


I promise I will do my best.


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Whatever your reason is to exercise there is no better place to be than at Colets.


Whether already a regular player or completely new to the game, there really is no better place to be.


Our four dedicated studios offer a wide range of classes for all interests and abilities.


From activities and swimming to Kids Camps’ and parties Colets has so much to offer all the family.


Perhaps the greatest feature of our pool is the ultraviolet based water treatment system which means we can keep the chlorine levels to an absolute minimum.



Rejuvenate is Colets’ luxury treatment centre for men and women.


Providing childcare for children from age three months through to school age


Find out more about our very own road cycling club.

Where it all started

Operating on a not-for-profit basis means we are constantly re-investing back into the club, giving us a club to be proud of and happy members too!

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