Updated July 2021



• It is a requirement of all Colets members, aged 5 and over, to provide a picture of themselves to be attached to their account. This picture will be used for the sole purpose of identification of members and will not be passed on to third parties.

• All persons using the Club’s facilities must complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ). This is available in the online Member Area

• Guests are welcome but must always be accompanied by a member and must sign-in at reception. A guest fee will be applied, with the host member responsible for the guest’s conduct whilst visiting the Club. Any unpaid guest fees or outstanding charges are the responsibility of the host member.

• All persons using or entering the Club premises do so at their own risk. Colets, their licensed employees and servants cannot accept responsibility for any loss of, or damage to, personal property or personal injury, fatal or otherwise. Lockers are provided for the storage of personal possessions.

• Cars may be parked in the club car park, at the owner’s risk, ONLY when visiting the club. Please do not leave valuables on display in any vehicle.

• Disabled parking bays are available and marked in the front car park. Parent & Child parking bays are available and marked in the front & rear car parks.



• All memberships, annual (including renewals) or monthly, are non-refundable. No subscriptions will be returned for any unused period of membership.

• Subscriptions can be transferred to a person not holding a Colets membership. Administration fee applies.

• Monthly payments must be by Direct Debit.

• Annual memberships must be renewed within two months of the original renewal date. Any memberships paid within that two months will resume from the original date of renewal. Renewals after this time will be treated as a lapsed member.

• Lapsed members are not eligible for any joining or referral offers for a minimum of twelve months after membership expiry date and are subject to a re-joining fee.

• Members may terminate any monthly membership with one months’ notice to be submitted in writing and received by the 14th of any month, otherwise one further full months fee will be debited – this serves as the cancellation fee.

• Colets reserve the right to cancel a membership or to refuse admission to the premises.

• Colets operates an “on-hold” facility for Prime adult memberships only. Suspension of membership is for a minimum period of two months and for a maximum of six months in any twelve-month period. An administration fee of £5 per month applies to all adult monthly members during the first year of membership. All under 18s linked to the primary adult member will be placed on-hold in-line with the proposed suspension free of charge.

• Members wishing to use facilities outside their membership’s permitted hours (e.g. a Day member wishing to have a swim at the weekend) may do so but will be charged the relevant guest fee for each facility. Please note, advance bookings are not permitted.

• Members must always present their membership card at reception on arrival. Cards are not transferable and are valid for the named member only.

• As of 1st January 2021 we will be suspending the sale of all Daytime memberships, members currently on a Daytime membership will not be affected by this change. Current members will also not be able to transfer to this membership type from 1st January 2021.



• Our Privacy Policy provides clear information on how we handle and protect personal information. Our Privacy Policy is available at

• The premises are monitored by a 24-hour recording CCTV system. This is for the protection of the premises, staff, members and their property.

• Mobile phones may not be used in the studios, gymnasium, pool area or any of the changing rooms. We would ask members to be considerate of other members when using mobile phones.



• Junior members under 14 years of age may have access to the Club’s facilities from 09:00. Those Junior members must be supervised at all times by their parent or guardian when not taking part in a structured activity organised by Colets.

• Colets staff are not permitted to supervise children other than during Colets scheduled activities.

• All Junior members must: check-in at the club’s reception by 17:30, vacate facilities by 18:45 and be off the premises by 20:30.

• Junior members are only permitted to bring a guest into the Club for supervision purposes in the swimming pool. The guest must be 18+ and will be subject to paying full guest fees.

• Alcohol will not be served to under 18s.



• Junior (14-17) and Esher College members may have access to the facilities from club opening.

• From Monday to Thursday, all Junior (14-17) and Esher College members must check-in by 17:30, vacate facilities by 18:45 and be off the premises by 20:30.

• From Friday to Sunday, Junior (14-17) and Esher College members will have access during the Club’s full operating hours.

• Junior (14-17) and Esher College members are not permitted to bring guests into the club.

• Alcohol will not be served to under 18s.



• Courts are available for play during booked times only, regardless of a match being completed or not.

• Suitable court dress must be worn. Non-marking footwear must be worn at all times.

• Courts may not be booked or cancelled on behalf of another member other than the linked member in a joint membership.

• Members failing to appear for a pre-booked court, or cancelling their court within 4 hours of the scheduled starting time of the court, may have their booking rights suspended.

• We strongly recommend all adult members use protective eyewear when playing squash or racquetball.

• All junior members must use protective eyewear when playing squash or racquetball.



• All members are entitled to complete a gym induction, which must be pre-booked. We recommend all members complete an induction irrespective of previous experience. All those not wishing to undergo an induction must still complete the PARQ prior to using the gym, and update regularly via the Members Area at

• All Junior (14-17) and Esher College members must complete both the PARQ and induction. Once completed, use of first floor equipment plus resistance and cable machines is permitted. Use of the free-weights and plate loaded kit, however, is strictly prohibited.



• We require a minimum 4-hours’ notice for cancellations. Failing to attend a pre-booked class, or cancelling a class within 4 hours of the scheduled starting time may result in booking rights being suspended.

• Members failing to check-in at reception may result in their place being re-allocated and the session treated as a failure to attend.

• Members arriving later than the class start time will not be allowed to enter the class.

• Colets reserves the right to change the timetable at any time, but will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any changes to the advertised timetable.

• Juniors under 14 years of age may not take part in Studio classes. Selected classes, as marked on our timetable, are available to Junior (14-17) and Esher College members.

• Classes may not be booked or cancelled on another member’s behalf other than the linked member in a joint membership.



A set of pool rules is posted poolside for the attention of members. We draw attention to the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM) guidelines relating to the supervision of children in the pool, specifically that children under the age of 5 should be supervised by an adult on a one-to-one basis and that children between the ages of 5 and 8 should be supervised on a two-to-one basis. Members exceeding these ratios do so entirely at their own risk.


A copy of our Articles of Association are available on request.