Spread over two floors with plenty of natural light, Colets gym is at the centre of the Club. With an extensive range range of resistance and cardiovascular equipment, we have everything you might need – whether you’re seeking to bulk-up, slim-down or just focus on keeping fit and healthy!


What truly sets us apart from other health clubs is the warm welcome from our team, the friendly atmosphere and the support available throughout your membership with us.

Whether it’s assistance with creating a gym programme, class recommendations or help with diet and nutrition, our team are fully equipped to help our members!

Personal Training

We have a great team of Personal Trainers available so if you are training for something specific, recovering from injury or just need a bit of an extra push then get in touch with one of our team today.


Sessions are booked through the instructor themselves, so enquire today regarding solo sessions or booking a block for extensive training.


Rehab & Recovery Clinic

Taking place every Thursday, Rodney will be running 30 minute appointments to assist those who have an injury, mobility issues or in need of reassurance with regards to your health and fitness.

During these appointments, Rodney will be able to advise you on exercises to rehabilitate injuries and advise you which classes would be suitable to aid recovery.  He will also book you in with a member of our gym team to take care of you in the gym or recommend a Personal Trainer for you.