Do you know your metabolic age?

Track your progress like never before and feel fitter healthier happier and younger in 2021! With the arrival of boditrax at Colets Health Club, members are now able to track their progress better than ever. A 30-second scan gives 20 clinically validated measures. Regular (we advise monthly) scans help to build a picture of your progress.

Find out where you are right now and with the help of our friendly team set short, medium or longer term goals. Book your scan with our team today.

Back to Fitness

As always, Colets wants to support and help members as much as possible when it comes to their fitness journey – even more so now in this post-lockdown world.

To help you back to fitness, we are now offering a free 50-minute bespoke gym session to enhance your experience at Colets.

To find out more information about the Back to Fitness program please click here.