A sincere welcome to Colets.

Recently I was asked to summarise the “Colets” approach from the point of view of the General Manager.

I promise I will do my best. Which is what every member should be experiencing with every single interaction you will have with my colleagues at the club. All of Colets’ operations are set up with the goal of delivering you a consistently excellent customer service experience, every single time. And if they are not, then we are in the process of making them so. Don’t take my word for it. Visit the club. Make an enquiry. There is never any obligation. Ask around. See what the response is. Compare us. You will know yourself if Colets “feels” right for you or not very quickly.

Consistently excellent customer service is the only benchmark people feel acceptable for a service operation these days and we accept that challenge as a natural part and parcel of who we are, why we exist and the influencer on how we make business decisions. After all, when you consider joining us you will no doubt be asking yourself many challenging questions too. No one member of Colets has the same reasons for joining but many typically join wishing to see an improvement in the quality of their lives. We aim to deliver measurable improvement in your quality of life.

We have helped thousands of people for decades to find those improvements and have become expert at delivering stress-managing mental, social and physical improvements. We do not force exercise or physical therapies down your throat or insist you attend social events or become a Pilates or Yoga disciple! We partner with you to find what suits you best that will improve your quality of life. That we do so in a way consistent with our not-for-profit status and in ecologically sound, always respectful but light-hearted ways is something I hope you will find refreshing and reassuring.

Giordano Orsini General Manager, Colets Health & Fitness