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On the following pages you will find the latest information on all aspects of the club, we will aim to keep this updated as regularly as possible to limit any confusion surrounding current practices.

We must reiterate the importance of the safety of our staff and members when allowing access to our facilities. We hope you enjoy your visits to the club and appreciate your understanding at such trying times.

With that in mind, all members will be encouraged to abide by the following guidelines:

 – All classes (indoor and outdoor), squash courts and swim sessions pre-20:00 must be pre-booked via the booking area on our website.

 – Members are able to attend the gym without booking a slot – please sign-in at Reception as usual. Be aware that due to a maximum capacity, we may ask members to wait until a space is available. Members should call ahead should they wish to be certain of a space.

 – Members will be able to attend a ‘no booking swim session’ after 20:00 Monday through Friday – this again has a maximum capacity so please be aware they may have to wait to enter the pool.

 – Members must wear a mask when entering and moving around the Club. Once in an area (pool, gym, squash court), face coverings may be removed.

– Please make all bookings through our online portal or by calling the club reception.

– The club is now operating under a ‘keep right’ system around the Club. This means members may exit via the right-hand side reception door. We will still allow members to exit via Rugby Changing Room 3.

– If taking part in an outdoor class you will not need to check-in at reception, please head straight to the field to meet your instructor who will register your visit for you.

– Government guidelines on social distancing must be adhered to whilst attending the Club – please note social distancing still applies, in addition to the ‘Rule of Six’ – this goes throughout the Club

– New rules for using each area of the club must be followed (see specific pages for more details)

– Members can book multiple visits in one day, and can now book two indoor classes (must book second class on the day via Reception).

– We ask members to be courteous to our staff and other members at all times

– With the limitations currently placed on member usage we have decided to also restrict non-members from using the club at this time.

We appreciate that there are a lot of “Please don’t…” points here but these guidelines are very much in line with how the industry is operating right now. The safety of Members and Staff is our primary concern and we’re sure you understand that. Of course, we all hope that these measures will be able to be relaxed in due course.

We look forward to seeing you!

As one of the more ‘high risk’ areas of the club, extra care will be taken by our team to ensure that everyone can return to training in the best and safest environment. Invariably, this will involve great support and cooperation from all of you.

This will include:

– Wiping down equipment after each use (please do not spray screens directly)

– Following guidelines for social distancing

– Not using your own sweat towels

– Bringing your own water bottle

Rodney’s been working hard to reintroduce some of the previously removed kit, the Lat Pull Down machine is back in action and we’re up to 3 rowing machines. All our DBs are back on the racks and we’ve got more changes coming soon.

As of Monday 17th May, Colets classes will be once again return to indoor classes – with 30 outdoor classes still available throughout the week. This is in-line with guidance from UK Active and EMD UK.

Classes must be pre-booked via our online booking system. We have set social distancing at 2 meters for inside classes.

Members can now book two indoor classes. The second class must be booked on the day via reception .

Members must come class-ready with a towel and their own water, if taking part in a class that requires a mat you will need to bring your own.

If taking part in an outdoor class you will not need to check-in at reception, please head straight to the field to meet your instructor who will register your visit for you.

Please avoid bringing any unrequired or bulky bags, equipment or valuables as this will take up space in the studios.

Can’t make your class? Please remember to cancel so it can be made available for someone else, no one likes missing a class that’s not full. All cancellations must be in line with our terms and conditions (under Studio).

From Monday 21st June, we will be introducing further open swim sessions between the following times: 

Monday-Friday: 11:00-14:50 as well as between 20:00-22:00

Saturday and Sunday: 14.00-16.50 and 18:00-20:00

These new open swim times will still have lanes in for social distancing and will allow for one full lane to swim lengths. Please do be considerate as all levels and abilities are able to attend these sessions within their membership time bands.

Outside of the times stated above bookings are still in place. Those wanting to use must book either a lane or family swim -which can be booked online or by calling the club.

The pool will remain closed to swimming while swimming lesson are taking place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3-6pm.

If the pool is reaching maximum capacity, members will be asked to wait in reception until numbers have decreased.

Swimming Lesson Update

Swimming lessons at Colets will restart for Grade 1 and upwards from Monday 19th April. This is only for those who were previously doing group lessons at the Club.

Any enquiries for future participation in group lessons can contact Should you wish to partake in a 1:1 lesson with one of our instructors, you should once again contact

As of Monday 17th May, Colets are pleased to confirm the return of full-court play. This means:

 – Adults and juniors from different households can play full-court squash (e.g. best of five game with tie-breaks, singles and doubles)

 – Up to four players can get on a court at any one time.

England Squash’s guide to returning here.

The following points must be adhered to and will help to keep all using the squash courts safe.

– Members must follow the keep-right system in the Club

– All attendees must be dressed ready for court but will be expected to have a change of footwear (from outdoor shoes) so as not to damage the courts

– Members will get 40-minute bookings and we ask you then leave the court promptly to allow ample time between yourself and the next booking

– Please bring your own sweat towel and filled water bottle

Please leave any bags at the front of the court. We suggest leaving bulky bags at home so as not to affect your squash experience on court.

Members are now allowed to use the changing facilities should they wish to, as well as use the gym to warm-up or cool-down before/after their squash booking.

Rejuvenate is open and running a full offering of services.

Please click here to make a booking or call 0208 398 7108, if we don’t answer then leave us a message and one of the team will get back to you.

You will need to complete a health declaration before each appointment and must update your health consultation from every three months, you can update forms and your personal details here.

If you are feeling unwell, have COVID symptoms or have been advised to self-isolate then please do not come to the club for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse to treat any client if we suspect they are unwell.

Please turn up on time for your treatment and enter the club through the main reception. We ask that if you arrive early that you wait outside until your appointment time. If you are late, we will not be able to do your treatment but you will still be charged.

A few points to help us make your appointment as smooth and enjoyable as possible:

 –  Please bring your own face mask- if you forget we have single use masks available for £1

 –  If you need something to drink then please bring your own

 –  Please only bring minimal personal items

 –  Please do not come straight from the gym or a class; you will need to be showered and ready for your treatment.

Due to government guidelines, some of our treatments will not be available upon re-opening. This includes teen treatments and facials; we hope to be able to introduce these as soon as possible.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please try to give at least 12 hours’ notice.

Unfortunately, we cannot take walk-ins at this time.

If you have a voucher that expired during our closure, we will honour it until the 31st December 2021. You may also use the value of the voucher against other treatments we are currently offering.

We thank you for your understanding at this time.

Online Bookings

Where can I find my login details?

If you never received your login details or if you cant find them then please contact the club on 020 8398 7108.

Where do I book classes and gym/pool/squash sessions?

You will need to visit the online booking portal, this can be found in the top right hand corner of the Colets website. Click here to go there now.

Please note to open up the club to as many members as possible, bookings are restricted to one per day.


Do I need to book a gym session?

The gym is now fully open, you no longer require a booking to attend.

Can I train with a partner?

To begin with you will have to adhere to the government guidance on social distancing, this means you shouldn’t share equipment with someone from outside your household.

What should I bring with me?

You should arrive at the club ready to train, we suggest leaving any bulky or valuable items at home. You should bring a filled water with you but you don’t need to bring a sweat towel, please use the wipes and sprays available for cleaning down equipment.

Can I shower after my session?

The showers and changing rooms are now open, we still suggest that you shower and change at home if you can.

What has changed in the gym?

  1. We have marked out the gym to to maintain social distancing
  2. We’ve reduced the total number of people allowed in the gym
  3. We have also to prohibit a few pieces of equipment to help with social distancing when training.

Please ask a member of the gym team for an alternative exercise should you not be able to use a certain machine.


What has changed with squash bookings?

Not a lot really, you will be able to book online or at reception like before. Sessions are for 40 minutes, you will then need to leave the court cleaning the door handle behind you.

Where should I put my bag?

If you can, we would suggest leaving big bags at home and only bringing the necessities with you. Anything you do have with you should be left at the front of the court.

What should I bring with me?

You will need to come to the club ready to play, please bring a filled water bottle and your own sweat towels and sweat bands with you as we must ask you to refrain from wiping hands and arms on the walls. We also recommend wearing different shoes to travel to and from the club to those you will play in, this will protect your shoes and the courts.

Can I use the gym to warm up before my session?

With the current limits on booking you will not be able to use the gym and squash court on the same day, weather permitting you may wish to use the field for your warm up.

Pool and Aqua

Will the pool be open?

The Pool will open when the club opens but will now have to be booked online or by phone.

Can I use the changing rooms/lockers?

We ask that you come ‘beach ready’ as we’re trying to keep changing room use to a minimum. You will be able to rinse off after your swim and change but please do everything else at home. Lockers will not be available but there will be a table on poolside for you to put your bag, with this in mind we suggest leaving bulky items and valuables at home.

Please click the following links to see the Risk Assessments carried out for individual areas of the club.

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Club Wide Activities

Soft Play