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May 5, 2019 |

Having supported Momentum Children’s Charity since March 2017, today we caught up with Kate Brookes from the charity to find out how our fundraising activities at Colets have helped to make a difference to the families supported by Momentum.

One of our most recent fundraising contributions has been inspired by Momentum’s 15th Anniversary. Throughout April we have decided to donate £15 of our new member joining fee to the charity and we will continue this offer throughout May which ties in with the charity’s actual birthday!

Founded in May 2004, Kate tells us how Momentum started with a fridge freezer! Bianca Effemey, founder of the charity, was working in the Paediatric Department within Kingston Hospital as a receptionist, but spent more time at the bedside of children who had cancer. One young girl asked if she could have an ice lolly to help with the terrible pain from ulcers in her mouth, so Bianca approached John Lewis to ask if they could donate a fridge freezer to the hospital. They said they couldn’t just give one to her directly but if she was part of a charity they could, and so Momentum was formed!

This year, Kate tells us Momentum have three main aims for their 15th Anniversary Appeal. One is to raise £75,000 towards major refurbishment projects in Kingston Hospital. Secondly, they aim to raise £105,000 to enable them to purchase a new, larger holiday home in the New Forest, giving respite breaks to 30% more families. Finally, they aim to raise £20,000 for a team of expert psychotherapists. Currently they only have one psychotherapist and they play such an important role in supporting and counselling the families of those affected by cancer, particularly during treatment.

Since 2017, Colets have managed to raise £3,915 through multiple Charity Spins, National Fitness Day Ski Erg 2017 & Cycle Race 2018 Challenges, Christmas Fairs and Easter Egg Sales!

Our Easter Egg Sale last year raised £251, which could allow a family to have a respite break on board the Momentum Riverboat which is an ideal escape from stresses of everyday life for the families.

Our Ibiza Charity Spin Classes are with KISSTORY DJ Justin Wilkes, who puts on Ibiza Summer Classics whilst members and staff take on 90 minutes of group cycling! For every Charity Spin we have put on, we have managed to raise over £300 each time, which would pay for a course of music therapy for a child in their own home. This year’s Christmas Fair Raffle and Staff Christmas Jumper Day managed to raise well over £500, which would pay for a family to have a holiday in Momentum’s New Forest Cabin and Beach Hut.

Our Momentum ‘Giving Tree’ also went down really well at Christmas, where members and staff kindly donated presents for the children in hospital. Our Christmas tree was teeming with presents and we were so overwhelmed by everyone’s generous response! Kate tells us they have six family support workers which are tied to six different hospitals and each support worker was able to distribute our wonderful presents to the children. Kate says that this type of activity really makes a difference for the children in hospital who can’t be at home at Christmas.

Kate tells us it’s the little touches that make a big difference. The fact that our funding is not restricted enables Momentum to tailor their support to each family, whether it be a Pirate Party, outings on a boat or a trip to the New Forest.

Thank you to all our members and staff who have helped to make a difference to the families supported by Momentum Children’s Charity so far. We will be continuing our support with the Colets Triathlon on the 9th June, where all profits will be donated to the charity.

If you’d like to get involved with any of Momentum’s sporting events, you can find more details here – >

For more information about the charity, please click here – >


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