Community Outreach Programme

Mar 28, 2020 |

Updated Monday 18th May 2020

Since 1977, Colets has been delivering a not-for-profit service to the entire community of Thames Ditton. Whilst our ability to serve our members in-club is now limited, we feel it is right to continue to support those who need our help within the community.


Colets, in conjunction with community leaders in local Government and Healthcare providers, will be running a Community Outreach programme. Through the mobilisation of our hardworking staff, Colets will seek to offer support and care to those in the local area affected by COVID-19. This support is not meant to replace official healthcare and social services but rather to back them up.


The Outreach Team will seek to offer simple services to those in the community who are undergoing self-isolation and do not currently have the channels in place to help with certain activities.


With help from our volunteers, particularly those from VC Colets, we have already been able to make a huge difference for people in the community. Members of our society that may have been left without someone who they could call upon have been relieved of all stress and fear thanks to the work by our 150-strong team of volunteers.




FAQ (COVID-19, Membership and Re-Opening)

Jun 11, 2020 | Nick Andrews

Since we closed our doors (albeit temporarily) on Friday 20th March, there have been a number of questions asked to our team. For all the answers and information, check out the small selection of FAQ below. If we haven’t covered something that you would like the answer to, contact us via   —  

Why I Play Racquetball.

Apr 22, 2020 | Nick Andrews

In October 2019, I played my first racquetball match at Surrey Closed Tournament and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite not really knowing what I was doing! Since then I have played 3-4 times per month and I feel it has had a positive impact on my squash performance. Below are some observations I have made