Online Classes

Apr 8, 2020 |

Edited 14th May 2020.

During this time we will endeavour to keep you fit and healthy with some of your favourite instructors, Caroline and Rodney will be leading the way with classes you can complete at home.


We will be posting videos to our Facebook page where you will be able to watch them over and over, we will also be streaming some of our classes live so that you can follow along in real time.

If taking part in a class try to clear yourself a suitable area to complete the prescribed exercises, work to your own ability and always stay hydrated.

Click here to see what is already uploaded and remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and live videos.

You can also see these videos straight from our website. Click here.


You can also keep up with all Colets instructors via their respective social media and websites. Below is a list of some of your favourites and where you can find their online teachings:


Caroline Taylor

Pilates and Total Body Workouts

IG: @caorlinetaylorfitness  |


Stefan Atanasov 

Fitness Pilates and Bootcamp classes. 
IG: @stefanofitpt  |  Book today!


Lynne Edwards

Sit & Get Fit  |  Core

Looking at running more regular classes, contact for more details


Jeff Beasley

Strength & Conditioning + Nutrition

IG: @advancedfitnessnutrition  |


Bailey Wilkinson-Pullen

I will be experimenting with a few things!
I’ll post workouts for everyone to follow on Instagram!

IG: @fitnessbwp


Lily Murphy

Donations of £3 per class or £10 per week for unlimited are welcomed if possible.

Classes include:


IG: @tigerfituk & @streetboxofficial

Website  |  07502025697   |


Julia Jusupova

Strength and Conditioning
Free session link on Zoom

07967623082  |
IG: @Julia_fit_elite


Nicky Dye

Strala Yoga Flow  |  Gentle Yoga, Yoga Therapy  |  Teen Yoga

Two weeks of free classes  |  IG: @loveyogabird


Joanna Porter

(Free Class) Open Level Vinyasa: 

Open Level Vinyasa:
Monday @ 1300  |  Wednesday @ 0900

Experienced Vinyasa:
Thursday @ 1855

£10 per class (Free to front-line workers)  |  07866 627730  |  IG: @soma_space


Chris Murray

Every Monday and Thursday at 6pm, Chris will be offering a Colets ‘Coach by Colour’ Cycle class via Zoom. All you need is a Turbo trainer or gym/spin bike, a drink (non-alcoholic!), a sweat towel and a willingness to be pushed!  |  IG: @spicymurray  |  Zoom


Hala Kamund

Ashtanga and Spring Flow Yoga.

£8:50 per 1:15 mins class, or £30 for a pack of 4 classes.  |


Sara Petit-Burford

Zumba, Totally Shredded and Jungle Body

Facebook  |  Youtube  |  Book Today!


Gerda Skrickiene

FittDance Instructor

Facebook  |  Zoom  |  Children’s Class


Delia Gold

Yoga classes through Zoom.

Flexible scheduling – for more information, contact Delia directly.  |  07947278161


Kim Peacock

Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes Monday from 19:30-20:00

Broadcast from Zoom – welcome donation of £5 – 10.

Gentle, Yin Yoga, and Meditation Available

Facebook  | 


Marjan Nourouzi

Monday 12 Noon & 6pm  |  Yin Yoga
Tuesday 10am  |  Mindful Flow
Wednesday 10am  |  Mindful Flow 
Wednesday 5pm  |  Yin Yoga 
Thursday 10am  |  Mindful Flow
Thursday 6pm  |  Yin Yoga
Friday 10am  |  Mindful Flow 

£35 for a bundle of 7 classes 

07957398524  |  IG: @Coeur_de_yoga 
Facebook  |


Vanessa Basson

Pilates (Mixed Levels)  |  Moday-Friday
Barre at Breakfast  |  Saturday mornings
1:1 Pilates & Barre

Sessions completed via Zoom & Skype

07976621659  |


Sarah Ahanchi

Classes completed via Zoom
Donations welcome.

07:15-07:45 – Weighted workout

07:15-07:45 –  H.I.I.T.
18:15-19:00 – Resistance band workout (Barre)

18:00-18:25 – Upper body workout (Weights suggested but optional)
18:30-19:30- Vinyasa Yoga

18:00-18:25 – Strengthening H.I.I.T.
18:30-19:30 – Yin Yoga

10:00-10:30 – Household H.I.I.T. (Suited all ages) 
11:00-12:00- Vinyasa Yoga
18:00-19:00- Yin Yoga  |  IG: @lifethroughtintedglasses


Alice Smallman-Walsh

Tuesdays 07:30-08:20 – H.I.I.T. Condition + Core

Saturdays 09:00-09:50 – Insanity LIVE!

All classes = £4  |  Discounted block booking available
IG: @evolve_nutritionandfitness  |  Facebook  |  Website


Karen Lagden

High impact cardio and combat workout set to DnB & House music
1st class is free and is live on my FB page on Friday



Sam Raouf

Online indoor cycling classes via zoom
starting next week on Tuesday May 19

Tuesday at 18:00  ||  Friday  at 10:00
£4.00 per session

The classes are rhythm based with the pedal speed (cadence) set to the beat and resistance given on a scale of 1 to 10 so any indoor exercise bike will do, with or without a display,  as long as it you are able to adjust the resistance.  |  IG: @saminsta20


Julia Weltman

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Monday through to Friday, five daily classes at varied times
£8 per class (free to front-line workers)  |  07932 958033 


RejuvenationUK – Aesthetic Clinic

Oct 13, 2020 | Nick Andrews

This Winter at Colets, we are welcoming Sophie and RejuvenationUK into the Club. RejuvenationUK is an aesthetic clinic that offers an incredible range of services, with over six years of experience from all over the world! Running three sessions throughout October, November and December, members will be able to book for a treatment – from

Back to Fitness

Sep 22, 2020 | Nick Andrews

As always, Colets wants to support and help members as much as possible when it comes to their fitness journey – even more so now in this post-lockdown world. To help you back to fitness, from the 5th October we are offering a free 50-minute bespoke gym session to enhance your experience at Colets.  Our