Online Classes

Apr 8, 2020 |

During our third national lockdown we will be asking members who wish to keep their fitness regime up to support some of our instructors. We will not be collecting membership fees but many of our freelance instructors will still be teaching, this is your chance to help them through this period whilst sticking to your New Year resolution.


If taking part in a class try to clear yourself a suitable area to complete the prescribed exercises, work to your own ability and always stay hydrated.

You can also see these videos straight from our website. Click here.


You can also keep up with all Colets instructors via their respective social media and websites. Below is a list of some of your favourites and where you can find their online teachings:


Caroline Taylor

Pilates, Total Body Workouts, LBT and PT.

IG: @caorlinetaylorfitness  |


Stefan Atanasov 

Fitness Pilates, HIIT and PT. 
IG: @stefanofitpt  |  Book today!


Lynne Edwards

Sit & Get Fit  |  Core

Looking at running more regular classes, contact for more details


Jeff Beasley

Online and Outdoor PT

IG: @advancedfitnessnutrition  |


Bailey Wilkinson-Pullen

Personal Training and Online Classses

IG: | 07909092001


Lily Murphy

Classes include:


IG: @tigerfituk & @streetboxofficial

Website  |  07502025697   |


Julia Jusupova

Strength and Conditioning
Free session link on Zoom

07967623082  |
IG: @Julia_fit_elite


Joanna Porter  |  07866 627730  |  IG: @soma_space


Chris Murray

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7:20pm, Chris will be offering a Colets ‘Coach by Colour’ Cycle class via Zoom. All you need is a Turbo trainer or gym/spin bike, a drink (non-alcoholic!), a sweat towel and a willingness to be pushed!  |  IG: @spicymurray 


Hala Kamund

Ashtanga and Spring Flow Yoga.

£8:50 per 1:15 mins class, or £30 for a pack of 4 classes.  |


Delia Gold

Yoga classes through Zoom.

Flexible scheduling – for more information, contact Delia directly.  |  07947278161


Marjan Nourouzi

Yin Yoga & Mindful Flow

07957398524  |  IG: @Coeur_de_yoga 
Facebook  |


Vanessa Basson

Pilates (Mixed Levels)  |  Moday-Friday
Barre at Breakfast  |  Saturday mornings
1:1 Pilates & Barre

Sessions completed via Zoom

07976621659  |


Alice Smallman-Walsh
IG: @evolve_nutritionandfitness  |  Facebook  |  Website


Sam Raouf

Online indoor cycling classes via zoom
starting next week on Tuesday May 19

Tuesday at 18:00  ||  Friday  at 10:00
£4.00 per session

The classes are rhythm based with the pedal speed (cadence) set to the beat and resistance given on a scale of 1 to 10 so any indoor exercise bike will do, with or without a display,  as long as it you are able to adjust the resistance.  |  IG: @saminsta20


Julia Weltman

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Monday through to Friday, five daily classes at varied times
£8 per class (free to front-line workers)  |  07932 958033 


Rebecca Whitford

Yoga | 07804911704


Mara Fekete

Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold


Michelle Finlay

Vinyasa& Yin Yoga | 07590107885


Paola Sanchez

Yoga & Pilates


Katie Brown 

Personal Training | 07939025744


Caroline Garlick

Barre & Pilates | 07825814299


Gina King

Dance, Body Conditioning, HIIT & Stretch | 07719771779


Uzma Zaidi

Vinyasa, Gentle & Yin Yoga | 07789866033


Cat Morais

Conditioning & Body Pump | 07934014163


Personal Safety Course

Oct 27, 2021 | Emma Clarendon

Taking place on the 14th November at 2pm, this two hour course will take participants through the importance of risk and threat awareness, risk assessment and defensive decision making. Open to members and non-members, with twenty places available, the course will also help those attending to recognise and utilise conflict management techniques. Participants will of

An Internal Calling – Yoga Workshop

Oct 21, 2021 | Emma Clarendon

Taking place on Sunday 5th December from 6pm, this two hour yoga workshop led by Ali McDonald will help you reconnect with yourself and to teach you how to shift your internal state.   Through chanting, gentle asana, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra, you will be able to unplug from the mind and recharge.  You