Meet The Team – Sophie Ward

Feb 14, 2022 |

Sophie has been working at Colets since July 2021  when she joined the Junior Activities team as Kids Camp Supervisor. From there, she continued to work as a Junior Activities Instructor and is now teaching our new class Sumba for children on a Sunday morning.  She chatted to us about working at Colets and what Sumba class involves. 

Hi Sophie , how did the idea of introducing Sumba class to Colets come about?  In the New Year, Lydia (Manager of Junior Activities) and I were discussing ways to introduce new activities to revamp the J.A timetable. Having trained in dance at a performing arts school and also currently working at a local dance school, we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce Sumba as a dance, fun and fitness class and I am so pleased with how it is going so far.

What do you enjoy the most about doing what you do? 

Working with the children is such a joy. The classes are really collaborative and allow each individual to bring their own personality and creativity to the session. It has been great not only running the sessions but also getting to know all of the  children attending. It is such a pleasure to run these sessions – dance fitness is a way of keeping fit whilst also having fun which is the main focus of all sumba sessions!

During the sumba classes what activities do you do with them?

Each class starts with a question of the week. Last week our question was ‘what are you proud of this week?’ and all of the children shared with the group something that they had done during the week. It is a lovely way for the children to get to know each other and relax into the session!

We then go onto a few warm up dances, making sure that we warm up all of our bodies. In groups we then make up a few dance moves, with the children getting to pick a song and we put all the groups together to make a cool routine choreographed by the children themselves.

We then go onto playing a few games, and our dance routines – all the routines are follow along with the instructors demonstrating at the front. Each week we come up with new routines – but don’t worry we will always do everyone’s favourites from the previous weeks too!  We end with some stretching and allow lots of time for water breaks throughout.

How have you found the reaction of the participating children so far? 

The reaction so far has been great! Everyone has really enjoyed themselves! The class is tailored to the attendees so although we always come up with new material, the flexible nature of the classes gives room for everyone to take part. There’s something in there for everyone and our main mission is to make sure that everyone has fun!

What do you think it is about this specific form of exercise makes it ideal for kids? 

Dance fitness is ideal for kids as the time just flies by. We put on upbeat positive music alongside cool dance moves so you don’t even realise you are really exercising. It’s engaging and interactive, each child is up on their feet dancing around having a good time.

How have you found the experience of running the Sumba classes at Colets so far? 

It’s been a pleasure to run Sumba! All the kids are enthusiastic and present during the sessions, it has been really nice to get to know the children better! The class is not only fun for the kids but fun for us instructors too!


Our Sumba sessions take place on Sundays at 9:30am. You can book your child’s spot by calling reception on 0208 3987108 or by booking online.




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