Meet The Team – Marathon Special

Apr 12, 2019 |

With just over two weeks to go until his third Marathon in a year, we catch up with James Robertson to find out why he keeps going back for more and what inspires him to take part.

James tells us that the real reason he started running and signed up to the London 2018 Ballot was because he wanted to do something out of his comfort zone and feel what’s it’s like to be new to something. Many of his Personal Training clients can feel intimidated and nervous when starting out in the gym or trying a new class, where as to James this feels like second nature. James wanted to put himself in their shoes to feel what it’s like to be challenged, and ever since he has just got the bug for running! The running & training itself can at times feel incredibly brutal for James, but he enjoys the mental challenge of it all. He still vividly remembers that his football manager at school used to tell him he had no stamina!

When James was training for the London Marathon in 2018, unfortunately, he over trained, picked up an injury and really struggled the whole way through. His time was 4 hours 16, and for James that wasn’t the level he knew he could achieve. Because of what happened, this motivated James to sign up for the Amsterdam Marathon in October so he could hit the pace he knew he should have achieved in April 2018. This time, he trained a lot smarter – which meant less frequent but more quality runs, as well as interval training. James would run twice a week and focus on interval training, one session on speed and one session on endurance. James managed to complete the Amsterdam Marathon in 3 hours 46 minutes!

In April 2018, James got picked out of a Ballot for the Marathon. However, James decided to try and raise money for the Anthony Nolan Charity in support of his friend, Neil McClean, and managed to raise £2000, which is amazing for a ballot! Anthony Nolan contacted James and asked if he would run the London Marathon this year for the charity and he said yes, making this his 3rd marathon in 12 months!

James tells us his body, unsurprisingly, is exhausted from doing two marathons in a year and it’s just so tough on your body to prepare. However, having done them before you’re not as mentally intimidated by it and you do feel more prepared. In February, James completed three half marathons consecutively – The Hampton Court Half Marathon, Surrey Half & Palace Half. James has also used Colets to prepare in terms of strength training & recovery, which is also important for marathon training. He is aiming for the same time this year, and is then likely to be taking a year off running but this definitely won’t be his last Marathon – his eventual aim is 3 hours 30!

When we asked James what keeps him motivated when training, he laughs and tells us he just needs to remember how painful the first marathon was and make sure he is not in that place again! James says that the day itself is incredible – everyone is running for such amazing causes. The atmosphere and team spirit between everyone taking part is just the best experience ever.

Good luck to you James – from all of your friends and colleagues at Colets!

If you would like to find out more or sponsor James, here is a link to his Just Giving page ->


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