Meet The Member – Marathon Special

Apr 14, 2019 |

With the 2019 London Marathon just two weeks away, we catch up with Member June Hall, to find out what training she has undertaken and what her inspirations are for taking part.

In 1984, June completed her first Marathon in Glasgow and then more recently, the London Marathon in 2017. June tells us that she’s always been into running and really enjoys it. In 2017, June managed to raise an incredible £10,000 for Anthony Nolan! Because of June’s track record for fundraising and running, her friend Jo Wright who is on the board for the Back Up charity, asked June if she would take part in the 2018 Marathon in support of Back Up. However, it was too close to just completing the 2017 Marathon, so June agreed that she would go for 2019.

Back Up is a charity that helps people with spinal cord injuries and has helped make a difference to three very special friends of June’s. Jo Wright, David Fraser (also on the board for Back Up) and Kitty Castledine have all been affected by spinal cord injuries and have been supported by the amazing charity. June has already hit £2000 for the charity this year and has set her own target of £5000! There are only 4 people running for Back Up this year, and one of the girls will be racing in a wheelchair. June really wants to raise as much as possible for the incredible charity!

When we ask June about the training involved for a Marathon, she says it’s really important to follow a proper programme. June has been following the Bupa Intermediate plan and marks every run in her diary. Working backwards from the Marathon day, she will work out what holidays she is taking and fit in all her runs from there. Being disciplined, sticking to your programme and not overtraining is so important. The biggest challenge & achievement is actually getting to the start line uninjured!

Part of the Bupa training programme is to do 60 minutes of something else, so for June Colets has been brilliant. Pilates in particular has really helped in terms of stretching and minimising injury and she has also used Total Body Workout & Body Pump to build strength. A big advantage of being a member of a fitness club for June has also been the treadmills, meaning when the weather is bad you can run indoors!

June tells us the last big run she completed was 22 miles!! This is the maximum distance you would undertake before the Marathon, and once you’ve done this you will start “tapering” which means you gradually start running less to conserve your energy for the big day. June also took part in the Hampton Court Half Marathon in February, which she managed to complete in an incredible time of 1 hour 45 minutes and won her age category! She also recently completed the Royal Borough of Kingston Spring Raceday, which is 16 miles and June won both the over 60 & over 55 age categories!

Taking part in races/half marathons is a really good way to practise running in race conditions and being around other people really motivates you. June managed to get a time of 4 hours 5 minutes in 2017 and she says she will be absolutely delighted if she gets the same, and if she manages to get 3 hours 59 she will be celebrating for months!

When we asked June how she stays motivated, she tells us she thinks about who she’s running for. You do it for the amazing charity and all the incredible sponsors!

Best of luck June from everyone here at Colets!

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