Junior Yoga & Mindfulness

May 14, 2021 |

Junior Yoga & Mindfulness @ Colets

Tuesdays  |  16:00-16:45

With Kaley

For Ages 4-10


These classes will bring an array of benefits to our juniors, including improved gross and fine motor skills, enhancing concentration, developing their balance/flexibility, & boosting their confidence! The classes will be full of games, making yoga educational & fun!



All of us have been struggling with the stresses and anxieties of lockdown, and our children are no different! With the help of Kaley, who has been teaching her classes for eight years, you kids can help deal with the trials and tribulations of school, homework, and of course the pandemic with the help of yoga-style teachings.


In addition to stretching and mindfulness, Kaley uses dodgeball and other fun games to teach the fundamentals associated with yoga (such as being aware of your surroundings and breathing), as well as allowing the children to express their thoughts and feelings in a space that is fun, friendly, and most of all safe!


You can see more of the great work Kaley does at, or



Pool Update: 17th and 18th November

Nov 16, 2021 | Emma Clarendon

Please note that due to staff training taking place on these dates, there may be limited lane swimming available on these dates between 11:30am-3pm. The Emergency Responder training is a legal requirement to ensure that our Duty Managers are competent in pool rescue and lifesaving techniques to protect our members and guests. Thank you for

Christmas Fair 2021

Nov 9, 2021 | Emma Clarendon

We are pleased to confirm that our Christmas Fair is making a return this year! Taking place on Friday 3rd December from 9:30am-5:30pm in reception and the bar , the fair is set to feature many local businesses who will help provide all your shopping needs – whether you are looking for a gift  for