Jeff’s Nutrition & Weight Management Clinic

Jan 14, 2022 |


“It’s often about making small, sustainable changes that aren’t too complicated.”


“It’s important to find solutions that are in keeping with a person’s lifestyle while also making sure people retain a healthy relationship with food.”



Jeff, a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor here at Colets for just shy of three years, has opened up a couple of hours every Tuesday to help our members with the nutritional side of their fitness journeys.


Whilst many are keen to jump into the next Street-Box class or have a run-around on the squash court, Jeff wants to help those that may be trying to lose some body fat, support muscle growth or just have a healthier approach to their diet, with focussed sessions that can help with whatever goal you may be trying to achieve.

With a Level 4 Award in Nutrition from the Royal Society for Public Health as well as a Level 4 certificate in Nutrition for Sport, his intention in each individual slot is to help identify simple changes that can be made in one’s diet to help see the changes that are desired – as well as being able to help you along your journey with repeat bookings throughout the 10+ weeks these sessions will be open, or arranging a session in the gym.

Jeff learned to balance his own training and diet around a full-time media career and family and is all too aware of the importance of nutrition whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“It has to work for the individual so it’s important to find solutions that are in keeping with a person’s lifestyle while also making sure people retain a healthy relationship with food.”

In addition to his nutrition qualifications, Jeff has a passion for strength & conditioning and is capable of assisting and guiding you whatever your overall focus might be. And with the clinic slots running until the end of March, it’s never too late to start on your journey towards improving your diet and fitness.

“These sessions are for anyone confused about their nutrition and wanting a starting point.  It’s often about simplifying things and making small, sustainable changes that aren’t too complicated.”

You can book in one of these 15-minute sessions today via the Online Booking Portal (you can find them in the ‘Fitness Classes’ tab) or through reception. Alternatively, why not chat with Jeff directly and see how he might be able to help in your journey to be fitter and, healthier for life.

Jeff Beasley (IG = @advancedfitnessnutrition) is a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor at Colets, with scheduled hours in the gym every Tuesday and Friday. Jeff also runs a Tuesday Circuits class in Studio 1, Container Functional Training sessions on those same days – plus a Ski Fit session which runs Friday mornings from 6:40. You can find more information on Jeff on our website,

Don’t forget, this January we have our Personal Training offer of 5 Sessions for £180saving £10 per session! T&Cs apply, new PT clients only, see poster for more details, sessions booked through the PT directly, must be started before 31st January 2022.


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