FAQ (COVID-19, Membership and Re-Opening)

Jun 11, 2020 |

Since we closed our doors (albeit temporarily) on Friday 20th March, there have been a number of questions asked to our team. For all the answers and information, check out the small selection of FAQ below.

If we haven’t covered something that you would like the answer to, contact us via



Am I still paying membership fees during closure?

Great news: no, you’re not! We suspended all memberships from 20th March 2020.

Will I lose out on any period of membership due to COVID-19?

Our goal is to make sure no members are penalised for this forced period of closure, meaning:

  • All annual memberships (including Juniors and Concession members) will be extended in line with our temporary closure

  • All freeze periods (between two and six months) guaranteed to members will be honoured.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Memberships will remain on hold until we re-open, at which point we will contact any member who wishes to cancel directly. Members can still speak to our Membership Team via or call 020 8398 7108.

I doubt I will want to return immediately due to personal circumstances – what can I do?

Not a problem, we understand. We will ensure your membership remains on-hold (free of charge) until a time you feel comfortable to return to using the club’s facilities.

What are you doing to minimalise the risk of COVID-19 at Colets?

Working with Government advice and direction from our Health & Safety advisors, we are ensuring the best practices are in place to ensure the best and safest workout possible. We are currently carrying out extensive Risk Assessments and staff consultations, following which the implementation of the required control measures and staff training will take place.

More information on Colets practices will be available to members in the coming weeks.

When will Colets be re-opening?

We’re not sure, but our Management team are working to ensure a safe and efficient re-opening once the government advises we can do so. Once there is a confirmed date, we will of course contact all members via e-mail or text, in addition to updating our website and social media channels.

What are you doing in the meantime?

  • We are still working: our Childcare Team are supporting keyworkers with free childcare; our Maintenance Team continues to service and improve the club; our Membership Team are still available to deal with enquiries or queries you may have, and our Grounds staff are keeping the field viable for member usage during lockdown.

  • Our staff continue to work alongside our members to support those in the community who may not be able to leave their homes due to underlying health conditions

  • Our Management Team, including our Health & Safety Officer, is planning for the re-opening of the club and consulting with our Health and Safety Advisors to ensure our re-mobilisation planning is in line with Best Practice and Government advice.

  • Our instructors, both internal and external, continue to offer fitness alternatives for our members – if you are able, try their classes and support them at



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