NEW 8-Week Nutrition and Weight Management Programme

Dec 12, 2019 |

We recently caught up with Alice from Evolve Nutrition + Fitness ahead of her brand new 8-week programme which begins this coming January.

Alice’s course in nutrition and weight management will only be available for Colets’ members and only 10 spaces are available so don’t miss out!

Alice’s first experience with Colets was when she became a member back in 2012 with her main goal being focused purely on losing baby weight. Having struggled with her weight for many years and having unsuccessfully tried several “fad” diets, Alice decided that for her, enough was enough and wanted to take control of her health and wellbeing which began by getting more active at Colets Health and Fitness club.

With the support of the team at Colets, Alice began to really enjoy her exercise routine and started gradually increasing her visits to the club per week. Over time Alice started to see noticeable changes in her body and weight, losing over 40lbs and described how she began to feel so much happier, healthier and more confident. Alice commented on how much she enjoyed the atmosphere of the club, in particular the friendly family-feel and it wasn’t long before she joined her family as well!

Having found herself at the club so regularly, Alice’s new found passion for fitness and health encouraged her to spend much of her spare time researching and learning about fitness and nutrition. Consequently, she decided to turn her hobby into more of a profession and made the decision to become a fitness instructor.

Soon after, in 2018 Alice completed her Advanced Diploma in nutrition and weight management so that she could help others tackle similar issues to the ones faced by herself when setting out to try and lose weight . This led to Alice setting up her own business called ‘Evolve Nutrition + Fitness ( She did this to help others that struggle with nutrition and weight management, as she found that with so much conflicting information out there for people, she just wanted to make sure people are taking the right approach for themselves and have the right support close to hand to ensure sensible sustainable results.

The thing that makes Alice’s course stand out from the rest is that it is very much tailored-made. She understands that each individual has a different lifestyle to cope with given the fast-paced lifestyles some people live. This is why with Alice’s course she will be contactable 24/7 via email, a phone call or even WhatsApp. She believes that by having this additional tier of support you are much more likely to see the results that you want, in Alice’s words, this support will be from someone that has “been there” and truly understands what it takes. This 8-week course really will be all about you.

About the course: The course is 8 weeks long with a face to face meet up every week. This will include weekly weigh-ins and a catch-up with the other members taking part, all giving different tips and recipes that are working for them giving you a truly supportive environment. Each week will include a different educational topic ranging from macronutrients, micronutrients, fluids, food labelling, rethinking drinking, planning for hectic lifestyles etc. Plus, the continual and ongoing 24/7 support and motivation from your coach.

Below are just a few people that have taken her course before:

“I took part in an 8-week biggest loser challenge that Alice ran and I cannot speak highly enough about the challenge or Alice. Along with losing over a stone in weight, my whole mindset has changed. I now treat my body with the respect it deserves, fuelling it with nutritious healthy food, sleeping well, taking time out to just be and slowing down a bit.” Tracy Keohane, Colets member.

“I recently completed one of Alice’s 8-week challenges and could not be happier with the outcome. Having been a gym regular I was surprised at how much weight I had put on. With Alice’s guidance on the fuel I needed to train more effectively alongside all of the informative articles, recipes and general ‘life coaching’ I have now lost over 21lbs!” Charlotte Wilkes, Colets member.

​“Alice helped me to completely re-evaluate my eating habits… I am more mindful about the types of food I eat, I feel healthier, and I managed to lose the weight I wanted to. Initially tracking what you eat, and following a daily calorie goal has proved to be totally realistic, and achievable… I have been able to maintain my weight despite the programme ending some time ago. I honestly can’t recommend her enough” Becca Allkins, Colets member.

To book your place please get in contact with Alice at:  or 07947 416977

Check Alice on Instagram and Facebook here:


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