Three Changes That Will Elevate Your Squash

Apr 8, 2020 |

The temporary closure of Colets and its squash courts is no excuse to stop thinking about squash and your game. This closure is an opportunity to rest your body and consider strategies you can implement once the courts are re-opened.



Ever wondered why you struggle to play a soft drop shot or a slow, hanging lob? If yes, then there is a good chance you are gripping the racket too tightly. If no, then you are either in denial or a squash god! A relaxed grip will lead to players developing an enhanced ‘feel’ for the ball aiding these ‘touch’ shots.

What to do:

 Grip the racket as if you were holding a small bird. Too tight and you will crush it. Too loose and it will fly away.



I cannot deny, staring at the front wall is entertaining. But you should avoid this when your opponent is behind you. Watching your opponent play their shot will help you to anticipate their selected shot early and is essential to developing your game.

Most importantly, I do recommend that all players wear protective eyewear. Squash can be played at incredible pace, with some elements that are unknowable. To drastically reduce the risk of suffering any injury, eyewear is essential.

What to do:

Purchase protective eyewear.

Try watching your opponent play their shot. Look for clues to help you anticipate what their shot will be.

 Common things to look for:

1 – Large Swing = Deep Shot

2 – Small Swing = Short Short

3 – Over Rotated = Boast



Always stuck behind your opponent? If this is you; then to get in front you need to try and hit the ball into the back corners. Generally, players try to use more power to achieve this, but often lose accuracy making the situation worse.

 What to do:

 Try to hit the ball high (close to the top outline) on the front wall to get your opponent into the back corners.


Stay safe,
Neal Brooker.



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