Children’s Intensive Swimming Lessons Easter 2019

Mar 26, 2019 |

Our Children’s Intensive Swimming Course is a great way to start non-swimmers off and also a great way for children already in lessons to gain some extra practice in the holiday time.

Lessons are 30 minutes and run with similar structure to group lessons, usually lasting 4 days to one week.

Very quickly in that time you see development even if it’s very small. Children gain water confidence, have the opportunity to practice things that they find hard in group lessons and learn something new. The repetition of coming everyday really does seem to work and children remember the skills they learnt the day before much better than the skills they learnt a week ago in normal group lessons.

It’s a friendly relaxed environment, some of the children will know each other and some will be completely new to Colets.

Lessons run from 10.30 to 12.30 and start with Duckling 1 Beginners, moving up to Swimmer in Grade 1. The next course begins Wednesday 10th – Friday 12th April 2019. £23.10 Members/ £31.20 Non-Members.

For more information please contact or to book call Reception on 020 8398 7108.


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