Personal Training

If you ever think that you’re lacking in motivation with regards to your exercise, you’re not alone. It happens to us all and everybody needs a gentle nudge from time to time. Another ingredient which helps maintain or boost your exercising routine is seeing the results. Of course you’ll always feel better after exercising but when you step on the scales or can slip into the next size down or someone simply tells you “you look well”….that’s when you know it’s all been worthwhile. Our Personal Trainers will get you there.

Personal Training sessions are typically an hour-long and are always personally suited to your requirements. They need not necessarily be all about weight-loss either; they can be sports-specific, part of a rehabilitation programme or simply your own preferred way of having a good, proper workout. Unlike some other clubs, we pay our instructors an appropriate salary. Which means that they are not doing the Personal Training for the money; they are doing it because, actually, you want them to, not the other way round.  Instructors do not take personal training sessions when on shift which means that you have their undivided attention for the time you are with them.

All our instructors’ are REPS-accredited and their details are available outside the gym. Discounts are available for block-bookings.