Booking FAQs

Online Booking FAQ

Q : How do I get to the online bookings part of your website?

A : Just above the link you just clicked! If you hover over "Online Bookings" in the top right of each page, you can then click "Book online".

Q : How do I log into online bookings?

A : You will need your Membership number which is a 7 digit long number and also your PIN. Your PIN will be 4 digits long and will be emailed to you. Please note, your PIN is confidential and should not be shared with anyone else. If anyone is found to have shared their PIN then we reserve the right to disable their ability to book online.

Q : How many bookings can I make a day?

A : You can make 7 bookings a day with Online Bookings. However you can only make 2 bookings per activity per day. i.e. you could log in on Monday and book 2 squash courts for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but if you tried to do the same for Friday it would let you book the first one but not the second, as you would then be trying to book for the 8th time. You would then need to wait until Tuesday to get another 7 booking "tokens".

If you try to book more than 2 squash courts, or classes on any one day it will prevent this as well.

Q : Is my Membership Number the number printed below the barcode on my card?

A : No, this is your barcode number. We are currently printing your membership number on your cards when you come into reception. If you don't already have it then we will also be including this in the email you will receive with your PIN.

Q : What can I do in the online bookings section of the website?

A : You can book classes and squash. You can also cancel these classes or squash courts. In the future we will add the ability to do more.

Q : What do I click once I’ve selected “Make a booking” after logging in?

A : You need to select “Colets” under the “Site Name” heading of the webpage.

Q : Why in the squash section are there 3 squash activities?

A : Because all our courts start at different times The first squash on the list covers courts 1 & 2, the second 3 & 4 and the last 5 & 6.

Q : How do I cancel classes or squash courts I’ve booked?

A : Click “Manage Bookings”. From there you will be able to see all your bookings and cancel them if you need to.

Q : How far in advance I can book?

A : You can book within our normal booking restrictions, so just the same as if you called our reception.

Q : I can't seem to cancel online. Why not?

A : If your class is due to start in less than 12 hours you will be unable to cancel online. You can still call reception and cancel.

Q : Can I book for a friend/family member?

A : No. This would mean sharing your online PIN & membership number which is against our terms and conditions.

Q : I have not registered yet for online bookings – what do I do?

A : We email out login details to all  members within a week of joining. If you have not received your login details please email using the contact  form on this site.