Meet Wilbur Holve, our eldest member!

At 92, Wilbur Holve is our eldest member! Wilbur found time to sit down with us and tell us a bit about himself and how he uses Colets. Prepare to be inspired!

Wilbur's background:

Having grown up on a farm in California, Wilbur has always enjoyed an active life. Following his service in WW2, Wilbur’s engineering career took him far and wide across Europe; and in 1964 Wilbur came to Esher with the intention of being there for two years. 53 years later, Wilbur and his wife are still living in Esher and he has been a member at Colets since 2004!

Why Wilbur chose Colets and what he does with his time here:

Wilbur uses Colets regularly to swim and use the sauna and feels this has played a huge role in staying fit and healthy. Originally, he selected Colets over our competitors because Colets is a local club; and because, being not-for-profit we have less of a commercial approach. He enjoys the warm, friendly welcome he receives on every visit from our reception team and even buys them a bottle of prosecco on his birthday each year! Wilbur loves our pool – he say that it is “ of the best pools he has ever swam in”. He appreciates the fact that it's always clean and that it's UV-treated, which means the amount of chlorine in the pool is low. Wilbur also finds the sauna very useful and says it helps ease any aches and pains and helps his bones!

What Wilbur does when he's not at Colets:

Other than visiting Colets, Wilbur has always enjoyed gardening and still meets up regularly at the local pub with a few friends.

Congratulations, Wilbur, on being our eldest member!