Meet The Team - Rodney Kentebe, Gym Manager


To many members, Rodney will be a very familiar face, having started with Colets almost 11 years ago. For those of you that haven’t met Rodney as yet then here is a little bit more about him.

Employed as Colets’ Gym Manager, Rodney has helped and inspired hundreds of members in his time with us and so as 2018 moves ever closer, we caught up with him to discuss how we can all make our fitness plans for the New Year stick.

From representing his county in the 110m hurdles and playing basketball for Manchester Giants, fitness has always been an integral part of his life. Starting out in the fitness industry by working part-time in his local gym, 22 years later his passion for helping others get more active is as strong, if not stronger as it was all those years ago.

When speaking with Rodney about the gym, fitness and training his eyes light up – having experienced all of the benefits that regular exercise brings there is nothing more important to him than helping members get that little bit fitter. Whatever the goal, whether somebody is aiming to lose some weight, run for 2 minutes or even to train to run a marathon, Rodney and his team are always ready and waiting to help.

Why Colets?

When applying to work for Colets he felt that the club was the perfect match for him. As soon as he walked through the door he felt incredibly welcome and he has worked hard to ensure that the same atmosphere exists in the gym. Rodney is fully aware that gyms can sometimes be daunting places so he makes sure that his team create an environment where members feel comfortable to exercise and that they are easy to approach. He emphasises that it is important for him that the team prioritise the member’s experience and health as opposed to just promoting themselves as Personal Trainers.

To that effect, members are welcome to take part in our Get Fit Stay Fit programme, a free 8-week package that gives members four 1-hour sessions with a trainer. Even after this members are encouraged to meet with their trainer every six to eight weeks to review their progress, again, for free. With the recent addition of our new boditrax scanner, members are able to record, track and measure their progress like never before. You can book your free body composition analysis on your next visit!

New Year’s Resolutions

We asked Rodney how more people can make their fitness resolutions really stick in 2018.

His advice is to start small and then look to build on your exercise gradually. Rodney’s view is that exercise and fitness should be all about the longer-term. He commented that everybody is different and so results/progress will differ from person to person. For some, results may take that little longer and commonly we may not give ourselves enough time. However by making smaller, more achievable goals as opposed to one that is tougher to reach you are much more likely to succeed and more importantly not give up. Rodney puts a huge emphasis on the benefits that exercise can bring – not just the physical aspect but mental as well. For those who are new to exercise, or perhaps have not exercised for a while, Rodney advises that he would much prefer to see you exercising once or twice a week, every week as opposed to 4 or 5 times in January and then burning out soon after.

Talk To The Team Today

Although perhaps a little cliché, Rodney is a firm believer that setting goals (and reviewing your progress) should not be underestimated. Both Rodney and his team are ready to help you plan your fitness goals for 2018 so speak to Rodney or his team on your next visit and make sure that in 2018 you feel fitter, healthier and healthier!