Meet The Team - Personal Trainer Katie Alexandratos


One of Colets’ newest Personal Trainers is Katie Alexandratos. Katie has been with us for just over 6 months but has a wealth of experience when it comes to fitness and exercise. Katie qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2013 and has nearly 5 years’ experience as a Fitness Instructor. Having started out in the Health and Beauty Industry, specialising in deep tissue massage, Katie decided to make a change to the Fitness Industry due to her passion for fitness and the new challenges every day brings when working as a Personal Trainer.


Katie’s own training centres on her passion for Karate, which she began in 2002. Currently a 2nd Kyu brown belt, she hopes to pass her grading next year to move to 1st DAN black belt. Katie initially focused on resistance and strength based training, using Free Weights, Slam Balls and Battle Ropes predominately. She is now incorporating more explosive speed and conditioning circuits to improve stamina and acceleration.


Katie has a wide variety of qualifications including, Functional Training, Full Kettlebell Trainer, Torso Training and Pre/Post Natal Training, as well as qualifications in both Sport and Weight Management Nutrition. This, together  with her own experience training make her the ideal Personal Trainer no matter what you are looking to achieve and what stage of fitness you may be at. Whether you're a complete beginner at the gym, looking to get your figure back post birth, or whether you're training for an event, Katie will help you achieve your goals and motivate you all the way through.


Personal training is available to Colets members and can be purchased as a block booking, hourly or even for 30-minute sessions. Check out our profile board on you next visit!