Meet The Team - Haley Irwin

About Haley

Haley started working at Colets nearly 20 years ago as a Gym Instructor and Studio Co-ordinator. Haley has instructed all types of classes from High Intensity classes like Insanity Live! to Mind and Body focused classes like Fitness Pilates. She even teaches our Post-Natal Courses. 
Haley's role in Club Active

This passion for exercise as well as  helping others to get fitter and healthier is why Haley loves her role at Colets and inspired her to start our Club Active programme more than 10 years ago. The idea was to bring our more mature members together from a social and physical perspective, allowing them to experience some of our regular studio classes at a lower intensity, with lower impact to the body and also to get to know each other with a coffee or tea afterwards.
During classes Haley focuses on working on functional strength and postural muscles which are used in everyday life but sometimes deteriorate with age. Haley sees Club Active as the perfect ice-breaker for any older member thinking of taking on some of our regular classes but isn’t sure of what to expect. Club Active often draws inspiration from the current Studio timetable with classes like Suspension Training and Body Pump being tailored to suit novices and those who need lower impact exercise. Regular classes on the Club Active schedule also include Aqua, Fitness Pilates and as the weather improves, even Power Walking.

Club Active runs regularly twice a week, on a Tuesday 2pm-2:45pm with and Thursday 1:45pm-2:30pm. You’ll get a variety of classes each week, so if you’re new to exercise or want to try something different come along any week and join in.