Meet The Member - Nick Pinks, a Personal Training client


The gym isn’t always for everyone and people may often come to Colets for different reasons entirely. This was the case for Nick Pinks, who joined Colets in 2013 with the view of predominantly playing squash. Nick has always been physically active and being in the Army Reserves a certain level of fitness has always been required. However it wasn’t until he decided to start his own company that Nick felt he needed to really improve his fitness levels, as well as improving his work-life balance and self-confidence.


Nick, by his own admission, was never too keen on the gym and never expected that to change, until he began his Personal Training with James. Since then Nick says his focus has completely shifted from squash to the gym and he’s even taking on challenges he thought would always be beyond his ability. With the help of James, Nick was able to complete his first half marathon and is now planning on taking on the Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge in October.


Nick attributes this change in perspective to the motivation and confidence James has given him in the gym. Training twice a week, one strength/functional training session and one conditioning session each week, Nick feels the variety James brings to every session helps keep things fresh. It’s also the guidance and support throughout these sessions that have allowed Nick to push himself and get the best results possible.


Available to members, Personal Training Sessions can be purchased for 30 or 60 minute sessions. Check out our interactive profile screen next time you visit - you can find it outside the gym entrance.