Meet Alex Harris, our longest serving member of staff

Alex Harris is the Facilities Manager at Colets and has been with us for an impressive 23 years. We caught up with Alex to get the highlights of his time at Colets…

Alex Harris


How did you start working at Colets?

I actually only ended up down here completely by accident! I got roped in to playing rugby for the Old Paulines by a mate on a Saturday when they were a man short. I enjoyed it so much (largely due to the post match shenanigans in the bar!) that I was hooked and became a regular. A few years later I had been made redundant and started doing some bar work here just to earn some cash (which invariably went straight back into the bar from the other side of the counter!).

How many different roles have you had at Colets?

Several - After regular stints in the bar I did some reception work. More ad-hoc jobs crept up from time to time...from security on the door for the regular functions (I let absolutely anybody in!), maintenance (which may be why we had to rebuild half the Club in 2015-2016!) and in 1995 I even ran the first ever kids’ camp! In 1995 General Manager Giordano Orsini arrived and not too long after that I became Deputy Club Manager.

How has Colets changed over the last 23 years?

To be honest – it hasn’t really, other than the numerous expansions and building works that have taken place. It’s probably around 3 times the size it was when I started but the atmosphere and nature of the Club has barely changed from my first day. And although I’ve been here maybe the longest, several of our staff and indeed members have been here a long time, many of them getting on for 20 years I would think. It’s always been the people that make this Club what it is.